Healing through Writing

Therapeutic Writing accesses the heart and depth of the matter like nothing I’ve ever known.  With the courage of willingness, pen in hand, and an open journal there to catch whatever falls onto the page, you will reach places inside yourself that have gone long unvoiced.

The process of Writing reaches in deeper than Talk Therapy. Emotions are metabolized faster and on a cellular level.  It opens doorways into the subconscious so it can have voice and reveal hidden parts of the self that long to be transparent. 

Writing, for the sole purpose of healing, is the safest way to say all the things you’re not ‘suppose’ to say, and more profoundly, to feel all the things you tell yourself not to.  It is the touchstone you reach for when there are too many emotions surging at once. It is a way to discover, gain clarity, and put everything in its place.  

When encouraged and witnessed to express all that is underneath the surface,  each layer begins to peel away to reveal the immeasurable depth of resilience inside you.  

Coming from a volatile background, I had no way to navigate the level of trauma that eclipsed my life. There was no guidance to support who I was.  Were it not for Writing and its unconditional permission to explore all of my emotions, I don’t know if I could have survived my childhood, let alone thrived.  

Writing gave me insights into myself that I didn’t know I had.  It acquainted me with a voice I grew to know intimately, that before, had been caught in back of my throat.   For the first time in my life, I learned to trust, and be guided by, the wisdom that poured out of me as I began unravelling myself on the page.

Writing is alchemical.  It turns confusion into clarity, doubt into certainty, and questions into the intrinsic answers that are already inside you. 

With the tools I have cultivated over a thirty year span, grief, trauma, and pangs of the heart become fertile soil to grow yourself whole in.  Through its movement and inherent exploration, Writing  can help you touch the resolve that becomes the foundation for healing yourself from the inside out.

Together, we will tap into all facets of your expression, no matter what that is, and come out the other side- empowered and solid in who you are, no matter where you come from.


All matters of your heart are safe with me.


You are beautiful
The way your hand slides across the page
The way your heart breaks open
and shadows your face lapis blue
Flecks of gold spilling out

You are surrendered
As you stream out your heart
finding your way through jagged terrain
This life you have endured
This life you love
in spite of the wounds
that make your eyes so deep, I fall in



For teens & adults

(One-on-one or Groups.  Skype sessions available)

 “Your life is not a problem to solve, but a gift to be opened.” W. Miller


Healing the Mother Wound by Leslie Caplan:


(also a live, read-out-loud one-on-one version of Healing the Mother Wound:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ews3wQanLBs )

The Ripple Effect of Sharing our Stories by Leslie Caplan


My podcast interview on the healing aspect of writing, the alchemical process that opens the doorway to self discovery: