“I can’t say enough about how good an editor Leslie is.  I had her review the first chapter of my debut novel, A Thing with Feathers. Leslie’s keen eye caught many things in my manuscript that other more well-known and more highly compensated editors entirely missed!  She has the essential gift of identifying, hearing, listening to, and strengthening the voice of the writer without altering it.  She gets inside the heart and soul and brings out the very best in the writer’s work.  She’s very comfortable working with writers who write about matters of the heart. She helps us say what we’ve always wanted to say, but for whatever reason, didn’t or couldn’t.  She is an excellent writing coach too, motivating me to reach higher than I imagined.  I can recommend Leslie Caplan without any reservation to all writers who need an editor who penetrates to the core. My first chapter, an important part of any novel, stands much improved after Leslie’s edits.  She sees things most writers (and editors) are just unable to perceive.  She will help to put that competitive edge on your work that often times can mean the difference between getting published and staying on the sidelines.”  -Novelist and Poet, J. John Nordstrom https://twitter.com/NordstromJoe

“When I brought my memoir manuscript to Leslie, it was in an atrocious state! The experience I had with previous editors tainted my spirit. They took my voice and heart out of my story.  I wanted to throw in the towel and give it all up. I was devastated because all my hard work was destroyed. A good friend of mine introduced me to Leslie. She was empathetic and listened to what I’d been through. She assured me that she’d look at my work, make an assessment and go from there. Leslie took my memoir and treated it like it was her own. She turned an out-of-tune song into a two hundred piece orchestra. I could have never made this book hum without Leslie’s precise, meticulous and superior editing skills. She was relentless in her determination to put my voice back in, and make my book a success. I am so grateful we met. She is one of a kind.  There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how she helped me turn my memoir into a reality, and into the gem that it is meant to be.”  Phyllis Lawson, Author of Quilt of Souls, now available on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Quilt-Souls-Phyllis-Lawson/dp/1507789750/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427128838&sr=8-1&keywords=quilt+of+souls 

“The advantage of hiring a talented and discerning editor cannot be overestimated. I was lucky to be guided to Leslie from the onset or I would have spent so much effort spinning in ‘not knowing what I didn’t know.’ I appreciated her approach from the beginning.  I sent her the Preface to my memoir “Unmarked Escape Routes.” I’ve never been so happy to see red remarks in something I wrote. I knew she was the best possible editor/coach for me. She eliminated ‘filter words’ that put distance between the reader and the action in the work, tightened it in such a way the flow of the story emerged from behind unnecessary words and asked questions that added credence to significant areas. She’s a brilliant editor.
Another powerful gift she brought was the coaching. This is my first book and it showed – in both my writing and my lack of experience with the process.  She saw potential and knew I was serious about creating the best memoir I was capable of delivering. Leslie was attuned to where, and how deep, I needed to excavate. She was patient when I stumbled or ran into resistance. I had some amazing revelations during the writing process that can be directly attributed to her expert guidance.
I agree with all the praise others have written about Leslie. She is dedicated to her writers. I recommend her highly. In my last correspondence to her I said she was my Alicia Keys – the winning coach who took an ingénue and created a published writer!” -Dee Dee Prince, author of Unmarked Escape Routes, a Memoir of Forgiveness: https://www.amazon.com/Unmarked-Escape-Routes-Memoir-Forgiveness/dp/099830221X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502162331&sr=8-1&keywords=unmarked+escape+routes

“I had the wonderful honor of connecting with Leslie Caplan (after having read her mind-blowing,  powerful writing on FB). I connected with her hoping to work with her, and when she agreed, I was elated to be able to have her as my writing coach. Working with Leslie is like having a wise writer-gardener plant the seed of words into one’s being and then lovingly water that seed until it grows into a mighty oak tree. I have worked with few writing coaches, and though each have their own unique style, it is so important to find one with whom one resonates on a soul level. Leslie has that impact on me and on my writing. She is genuine and authentic, and those are qualities I admire in a writing coach. She is not afraid to be vulnerable in her own writing, and is not afraid to help writers face their own vulnerabilities  Leslie does this with tremendous grace and compassion, so that one who is fortunate enough to work with her, feels seen and heard. Leslie is a story whisperer; all the stories exist within our deepest selves, but through conditionings they become veiled until the writer in us is either suppressed or buried deep with no hope of ever emerging. For me, working with Leslie has been a healing experience  Through her gentle loving guidance, I had the courage to cull the stories that are hiding within me. I have been able to let go of my fears, and to trust my voice, letting my words emerge unashamed, unabashed. She has that touch and that wide reaching impact on one’s soul, so that the buried words slowly begin to see the light of day. Leslie, thank you so much for your guidance, encouragement and heartfelt presence and love. Eventually when my book writes itself, I know you will be an important strength and impetus for its emergence. Thank you and God bless.” -Mahabba Ahmed, ONT, Canada

“Leslie Caplan is a warrior editor. Knows how to find and strengthen the voice behind your words, and the words to match your voice. Highly recommend!” – Peter Luce, New York & Bali, Indonesia- author of Getting Castaneda to be released September 2017

“I felt an instant connection when speaking with Leslie and mentioned my abandoned children’s book. She offered to take a look at it and I was elated to discover that I was actually excited to welcome someone’s professional evaluation of my material. I knew she was The One…and I was right. What Leslie did with my story was nothing short of amazing. Her process is magical in that she doesn’t just “read” the story, she connects to the energy and follows its unique trajectory. In the absence of an overblown sense of self-importance, rather than claiming the story as her own and making arbitrary changes, she offers logical advice and suggestions to help you dig deeper in order to articulate what you truly want to say. She brought out the best in me. Non-critical and always respectful, she lifted me to new heights through her wisdom-saturated style of coaching. Clearly, her main goal is to help you find YOUR voice and she lovingly coaxes it to transmit a lyrical melody from a soul level. Leslie Caplan is the only person I trust to edit my writing. If you are a writer, or want to write, allow yourself to be guided by her remarkable editing skills and coaching abilities. It’s a life-changing experience.” –Charlotte Spicer- Executive Producer and Host at Spiritual Insights: Spirituality & Metaphysics Talk Radio, Publisher & Editorial Content Director at Spiritual Insights Digital Magazine

“I had the pleasure of being referred to Leslie by a colleague who had used Leslie’s services to complete her first book. I must admit that at first I was skeptical because I hadn’t met Leslie in person. I didn’t know what to expect; her writing style, work ethic, expertise, and so on. However once we spoke over the phone, we clicked immediately. She asked me about the book I was writing and what I wanted to gain from it. This may sound simple but when it comes to writing  a book of any kind, it is important to know why you are doing it and what you hope to get out of it. Leslie listened to every word I said concerning the direction I wanted the book to go and what I wanted the readers to get out of it. Whenever I stray from my original intent, she is quick to remind me of what I told her in our first phone call but also gives me other alternatives from what I submit to her.  Every time I review her edits, I have to say, over and over again, she is absolutely amazing at what she does. The way she catches things astounds me, not missing a beat. I really appreciate the points she makes on the things that don’t work or fit or are confusing.  I’m really enjoying the experience and she is a huge reason.

Since this was my first book, I needed guidance on pretty much everything about writing. Leslie would often send me published pieces that she had written to give me an idea of what it took to write with direction and meaning. Anytime I got stuck (trust me, it does and will happen!), she would either phone me or send me an email with words of encouragement. I feel like I have known her forever as we have connected in a special way. Her guidance has made a lifetime dream come true. I am almost finished with my final manuscript and feel confident that I have a great product. Leslie made me realize that writing is one of the most liberating activities one could ever experience. Because of her, I will forever be a writer.” -Gary Richardson, Diversity Consultant

 “Some people elevate the energy of a room simply with their presence. Leslie is one of those people. She is an exquisite blend of grace and charm and raw earth. She is one of the most accessible people I have ever met. In person and in the groups she facilitates, her presence creates a palpable synergy; an atmosphere of safety, inclusion, discovery, exploration and deep authentic appreciation. It is in this beautiful container that she creates that I found not only the courage to dive back into writing but also the passion I have for writing. I love knowing her and am excited to work with her again.”
Isha Haddigan, Ashland, OR

“Working on my memoir with Leslie has been like engaging with my own self in another body. She becomes the self that can see perspectives I feel blind to, can hear a deeper story that I am too scared to birth alone, and can spot the undotted i or uncrossed t that eludes me. She has the skill to be present to all of these arenas a writer traverses. And she does it with such heart and wisdom. I wholeheartedly recommend her as coach or editor on your writing project.” Sarah Rose, Oakland, CA

“If you want to write and I mean REALLY get to the heart of the matter, Leslie  is the Writing Coach & Editor to hire. She doesn’t let go until the word fits exactly. She encourages and evokes going deep. Then deeper still. My writing has soared since we’ve been working together. Because she holds me strong and raises the bar, I’ve stepped up and out to reach in and claim my authentic voice. Thank you, Leslie for putting yourself out there for others now. Writers need you. Humanity needs you.”
Carola Marashi, Portland, OR

“I was only given three options for Leslie’s strengths on Linkedin. Three does not encompass all the good qualities of Leslie. I gave her a tricky assignment, she came through with flying stars. If you want writing with a heart, go no further.  Leslie brought the feminine into the piece that desperately needed it.  What she crafted ended up being the perfect balance of masculine & feminine energies that was articulate, concise, and expressed exactly what I needed it to.”
S. Posey, Ashland, OR

“The things I like most about Leslie are her sensibility, precision, and speed with which she is able to bring harmony to words on a page.  She’s the kind of person that isn’t finished with a job until it’s perfect.  Her process unfolds like the petals on a flower; each new iteration bringing more color and delight to the landscape of creative expression.”
Amari Gold, Ashland, OR

“When I write to a prompt specifically catered to me in my sessions with Leslie, I keep the pen moving, pouring out whatever makes its way to the surface. Just after writing, I read it back aloud and it’s not only the first time my conscious mind hears what’s on the page, my uncensored scrawl is witnessed by Leslie with deep respect and uncanny insight.  She offers a careful ear, tracking the issues and bringing attention to clues that become new prompts to lead me in deeper.  This process is giving me access to challenging details and events that have been elusive for a long, long time.”
Suzzi ViTaris, Ashland, OR

“I highly recommend Leslie for her expertise as a therapeutic writing coach and as an epic, and I mean EPIC writing coach and EDITOR. She is such a joy to work with. She has a huge compassionate heart and her wisdom is spot on. Call her up if you want to go further with your writing or further into your own inner process.” Mark Dobkin, Santa Barbara, CA

“Thank you, Leslie, for your focused attention to detail and your astute questions that guided me to the answers I needed to go deeper into my project.  You have an incredible gift of being able to allow my writing to still sound like me, while at the same time, making the necessary changes for the piece to flow and have impact. Your precision and skill are impeccable.”  Monica Port, Ashland, OR

“Leslie is a wonderful coach and editor.  She helps me clarify what I want to say and make it bold and grounded. It is easier for me to get the jumble of thoughts and ideas down on paper knowing she is by my side as a guide. She is very available and hands on with the material. I feel she really “gets me” and helps me translate what I want to say to the world so that my message comes across. I highly recommend Leslie to all of you wanting to get your book or project out there.”  Rajyo Markman, Hidden Valley Lake, CA

“I had written an essay on a loaded and controversial topic. My aim was to craft a solid piece, a strong call to openness. Leslie helped me tighten it up, and hold to center, without losing my passion. She is a natural writer, observer and guide.  With keen insight and grace, she moves right to the heart. I highly recommend her service.”
~ Enza Marie Putignano, Putney, Vermont

“Leslie came to my aid at a time when my writing was in desperate need of a jump start. With a firm pen and a gentle hand, she guided my thoughts and ideas and improved my abilities with a plethora of skills. She helped straighten out a winding road of intangibilities into the art of writing. A brilliantly grounded woman who is poignantly witty. I am thrilled and grateful for the possibilities of our future endeavors together.”
Dr. Nitin Bhatnagar, Westfield, Mass

“Leslie has a gift for tapping into that soul voice of yours and taking you into being real — that person who was born to write this book!   This is not just editing. It’s something at a higher level. Call it soul editing. She can coax out the Muse that’s in you and give you the faith you need to birth your book.”
John Darling- Author, Freelance Writer & Journalist, Ashland, OR

“I would like to take a moment to thank you Leslie for helping me with my writing/editing. I feel I can send you anything no matter how jumbled and you will assist me to transform it into an elegant flow of my deepest expression. I feel lucky to have found you!”  Victoria Markham- Ashland, OR

“It’s always a pleasure to read Leslie’s personal writing. Sometimes we fall prey to one-track minds and this shows up in our writing. She is a woman with as much breadth of thought as depth.  It’s refreshing. I think more people should be reading her. The spirit behind her words does my soul good.”  Audrey Keel- San Antonio, Texas.